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LOCAL #399

What We Do
Local 399 fights to better our members' wages, hours and working conditions. We fight for our members' interests in the legislative, political and social landscapes.

Who We Are

 Our association consists of approximately 240 members of front line firefighters and support staff. We proudly serve our community responding to a multitude of emergency responses, preventing the loss of life, and the destruction of property and the environment


Staying Safe 

We care about you and your families safety and want to make sure you are prepared for when the next disaster strikes. Make sure to check out our "Being Prepared" Check list.

No upcoming events at the moment


We are extremely grateful for all of the Individuals and businesses that help us in our journey of helping others. Although we couldn't possibly list everyone that has helped us along the way there are some that go above and beyond. We would like to recognize them for their selfless actions! Click below to learn more about these companies!

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